Rose-Owls and Pumpkin Girls

The Journal of Seanan McGuire

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Seanan McGuire
5 January 1978

Hello! I'm a California-based author with a strong penchant for travel, and can often be found just about anyplace capable of supporting human life (and some places I'm assured actually can't). You pronounce my name "SHAWN-in"; it's the archaic Scottish form of "Janet," because calling me "Janet" would apparently have been too easy. I live with two classic blue tabby and white Maine Coons, respectively named Alice Price-Healy Little Liddel Abernathy McGuire and Thomas Price Lynn Rhymer Taylor McGuire.

The first eight October Daye adventures, Rosemary and Rue, A Local Habitation, An Artificial Night, Late Eclipses, One Salt Sea, Ashes of Honor, Chimes at Midnight, and The Winter Long are available now. A Red-Rose Chain will follow in September 2015. All have cover art by Christian McGrath. The first three InCryptid adventures, Discount Armageddon, Midnight Blue-Light Special, and Half-Off Ragnarok, are available now. Pocket Apocalypse will follow in March 2015. All have cover art by Aly Fell.

I also write as Mira Grant. Mira's first novel, Feed (Book One of Newsflesh), was nominated for a Hugo Award in 2011, and was named one of NPR's top thrillers of all time. The sequel, Deadline, was nominated for a Hugo Award in 2012. The third in the trilogy is Blackout. All are available now.

I attend multiple science fiction and fantasy conventions every year. Check my website for schedule details!

I write primarily in the urban fantasy and young adult genres, although I have also been known to produce modern horror and straight romantic comedy. I am represented by the fabulous dianafox, who is secretly a superhero. (I'm quite serious. Go to Wikipedia and look up "Diana Fox." It's good to have an in with the X-Men.)

I currently have two CDs available: Wicked Girls (2011) and Stars Fall Home (2013). I also appear on Roundworm (Bob Kanefsky) and Thirteen (Vixy and Tony), as well as several Live at FKO compilations. I have won five Pegasus Awards for Excellence in Filking.

Please do not assume that posting something on your LJ means that I've seen it; the odds are reasonably good that I haven't. Thank you for understanding, and feel free to point out things you think I'd like to know about. (Interestingly, as this has come up...yes, my automatic friend-back does mean that if you drop me, I drop you. I don't understand why that's confusing, but hey, I also don't understand why people eat mangoes.)

I am an enormous fan of folklore, fairy tales, fantasy, horror, horror movies, Stephen King, virology, pandemic flu, pumpkin anything, the month of October, poetry, writing, carnivorous dinosaurs, My Little Ponies, and the X-Men. Also chainsaws. I have a great many opinions, especially on things that I'm fond of. You may encounter some of them here.

My web design and management is done by porpentine and taraoshea. Questions can be submitted through the website, via the contact form. Please do not message me through LJ or Facebook.

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