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Cat pictures, take five.

Well, I'm in Seattle, I have my new kitten, and I have my camera. This means that I have a moral obligation to provide a cat photo post, as failure to do so may get me smacked by a variety of people. Since most of you have never "met" Alice before, I'm starting with my earliest photos of her, and moving on from there. Also, as a special treat for all you dog fans (and Jim Hines fans, and fans of my mother), I'm including the first-ever posted pictures of Smudge.

Onward to the adorable!

January 2nd, 2009. It's time to head for Chez Tinney, hence to spend some time hanging out with Betsy and Dave, and get in some much-needed rehearsal time. "Be careful," people told me. "Betsy's the devil." Apparently, everyone who visits her winds up coming away with a Maine Coon. I scoffed, saying that nothing could win me away from the Siamese.

...did you know that Maine Coons come in blue? Specifically, in this case, blue classic tabby. Because I really needed to be lured into the world of super-sized cats, you see. Meet Alice. Tiny, blue, and less than three weeks old, which probably explains why she's so tiny.

Even at this age, Alice was definitely determined to stand up for herself. And to stand up by herself if at all possible. Wobbly, tiny, adorable. I admired, I was tempted, and I returned to California, returning at the beginning of February to discover...

Betsy had been feeding the kittens Miracle-Grow. Also running them regularly through the dryer. FOOF.

Here's Alice with one of her siblings, a more "ordinary" brown tabby. Let me tell you, there is nothing "ordinary" about any of Betsy's cats. Jane -- Alice's last remaining littermate -- has been trying to convince me all day that I want to take her home.

There was no way in this world that I was going to be able to resist that face. Just saying.

This picture was taken earlier this morning, showing Alice and Jane all cuddled up together on one of the kitten room cat trees. Her eyes are almost done changing color, and her coat is just absolutely gorgeous. I love my kitten so hard.

Profile shot!

There is almost more tail than cat.

So that's Alice, everybody, latest addition to my household. Isn't she gorgeous? Now, for all you goblin fans out there, I present...


Smudge! Also, my collection of Halloween pillowcases. It's epic.

Such a profile.

Smudge and my mother. She's so happy to have her puppy, and the puppy is so happy to have her.

Spring is everywhere.
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