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The 2017 Hugo ballot is now live.

The 2017 Hugo Awards ballot is now live, and I am stunned and honored and delighted to announce that I am on it not once, but twice.

Every Heart a Doorway has been nominated for Best Novella. This is the book of my heart: this is the one I look at and dare to hope for, because I want it so badly, and I am so touched by its inclusion. Thank you to everyone who has looked at this little book and thought "how far can we help it go?" We have gone so far.

But that's not the stunner.

The stunner is that this year is the first time the Hugos have featured a category for Best Series. It's a trial run, a test, for a way to honor books and settings that work best in the context they create for themselves. Book eleven of something ongoing may not be the best candidate for Best Novel, but it may be part of something that, overall, is just as glorious.

And October Daye is up for Best Series.

I am stunned. I am overjoyed. I am not going to win--but winning isn't always the point. I have been given this honor, and I am not giving it back.

Thank you all so very, very much.

I will do my best not to let you down.
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Congrats! Congrats twice over! And I'd say series like the October Daye books are a perfect example of why such awards should exist, as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Congratulations - and so well deserved!
Congratulations! The Toby series is one of my absolute favorites, and I am so happy to see it on the list of finalists!
Your writing is thoughtful, emotional, and so painfully real. Congratulations on your nominations!

Every Heart a Doorway is a fine read and well worth a Hugo.

I am *so* happy about Toby getting a nod, too. Both for yourself, (and richly deserved, it is), and for the rest of us, because that has suddenly helped clarify exactly what this new Hugo should be for.

*cheers you on in both categories*
This is my surprised face. 😐 (Hope the flat face emoji worked.) Evert Heart was so definitely getting a nod based on the many lists I saw. Don't know why you're surprised about Toby for series (also prominent on lists) but I'm not one for vigorous I told you so scenarios since I might end up in a cornfield.

Most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Congrats! When I first read Every Heart a Doorway I knew it was going on my ballot and I'm so glad other readers thought so as well.
Congratulations! You totally deserve the honor.
That is so awesome! Sucks that it is against another of my favorites, the Temeraire series is hefty competition, but honestly, October trumps it for me, and I adore all things dragon :-)

This is so wonderful, and both nominations are richly deserved. ^_^
So well deserved. Congratulations.
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