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You get your magic for nothing, and your tricks for free: GIVEAWAY TIME!

We need something good right now, and that means it's time to GIVE STUFF AWAY. Specifically, it's time to give away a couple of ARCs of Magic For Nothing.

You in?

To ease us back into the normal swing of things, today we're going with a random number generator drawing. US-only unless you are able to pay postage. I'm really sorry about that, but having just paid a ridiculous amount in vet bills, I am really not in a position to pay to mail things internationally right now. To enter...

1. Comment on this entry.
2. Specify whether you are US or international and, if international, indicate willingness to pay postage.
3. Name one thing you're hoping to see in an upcoming InCryptid book.

I will draw three winners via random number generator on Monday, February 6th. Game on!

Entries which do not include all three components, and which do not specifically relate to the InCryptid series, are ineligible to win.
Tags: giving stuff away, incryptid, magic for nothing
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