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A few more old links (can you tell I'm trying?).

So here's what happened:

I keep a long list of links to things that interest me. I take it as a good thing that I've moved more and more away from reviews, and more and more toward think pieces and interviews and the like, not because the reviews aren't important--they absolutely are--but as my confidence has grown, I've had less need of them for me, and as my readership has grown, the chances of my needing to send an apology to some blogger because "sorry I dropped a wasp nest on your head, I didn't mean to" have increased. Which sounds, you know, a little hollow when it's my fifth nest in a week. But when I see a link I want to write about, or that I think is relevant, I'll grab it and save it for later.

When I still had a day job (you know, the one I left in January 2015), I would usually do my link-related posts on my lunch hour. The links came in faster than the posts went out, but hey, I was doing my best. Then I got really depressed, because the day job was slowly killing me. Then I quit my day job, and had to carve new routines out of a shapeless mass of time. And a lot of things dropped by the wayside, including dealing with the links I had so carefully curated.

Some of them, I've just deleted. Others have broken or been taken down, becoming irrelevant. Others, though, fall into the "nice people saying nice things about me, and it's a jerk move not to say thank you" category. So...thank you.

Kenda wrote a long and lovely piece about how she doesn't care for books about Faerie, but has learned to love Toby. Kenda has always been an awesome, fair reviewer and a deeply engaged reader, and I really sympathize with her "no, you cannot tell me a book is awesome when you profit from its sales" approach to reading the first book. I'm so glad to have won her over!

Pamela from The Discriminating Fangirl also had some fabulous things to say, and I am so sorry it has taken me this long to say thank you.

Thank you.
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