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Awards eligibility and 2016 publications.

The nomination period for the 2017 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer is now open, and that means it's time to go over the list of what I published in 2016. Please keep in mind that you must have been a member of last year's Worldcon, OR be a member of this year's Worldcon, OR be a member of next year's Worldcon to be eligible to either nominate or vote.

A lot of people have put up their eligibility posts, and you can check the eligibility of your favorite authors by hitting their personal blogs. Here is mine.


Indexing: Reflections
Chaos Choreography
Velveteen vs. The Seasons
Once Broken Faith
Feedback (as Mira Grant)


"Every Heart a Doorway"
"All the Pretty Little Horses" (as Mira Grant)
"Coming to You Live" (as Mira Grant)
"Dreams and Slumbers"


"Swamp Bromeliad"
"Waking Up In Vegas"
"Stage of Fools"
"In Little Stars"
"Full of Briars"
"The Voice of Lions"

Short stories.

"Heaps of Pearl"
"The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch"
"Ye Highlands and Ye Lowlands"
"Long Way Down"
"Threnody for Little Girl, With Tuna, At the End of the World"
"The Levee Was Dry"
"In the Desert Like a Bone"
"In the Before, When Legends Were True"
"Forbidden Texts"
"Falls Like Snow"

The things I am probably proudest of from this year would have to be "Every Heart a Doorway," "In the Desert Like a Bone," and Feedback. The 2017 Hugo Awards will have a special category for Best Series, and because of the release of Feedback and RISE during the 2016 calendar year, Newsflesh is eligible. Feed was my first Hugo nomination, and it would be sort of amazing to have a second shot at a rocket for one of my first and best beloved books. "Every Heart a Doorway," on the other hand, is...

If that had been the only thing I ever published, I would still have had something to be proud of.

Turning away from me, I would ask you to consider Sheila Gilbert for Best Editor, Long Form; John Joseph Adams and Ellen Datlow for Best Editor, Short Form; Chris McGrath and Aly Fell for Best Artist; and Moana for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long.

What do you think people should be considering for this year's awards?
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