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Hogswatch winners #4-11!

Things got a little bit away from me, as things so often do, but now I am here to give you great gifts, or at least predictable prizes! And so...

Our day four winner, receiving a copy of RISE, is...lady_ravenlocke!
Our day five winner, receiving a copy of The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination, is...anna_sinistra!
Our day six winner, receiving a copy of Indexing, is...wintersolstyce!
Our day seven winner, receiving copies of Stars Fall Home and Wicked Girls, is...wenhaver!
Our day eight winner, receiving a copy of When Will You Rise, is...vorel_laraek!
Our day nine winner, receiving the audio book of Once Broken Faith, is...dryadtea!
Our day ten winner, receiving a copy of Sparrow Hill Road, is...whimsyblue42!
Our day eleven winner, receiving a copy of Feedback, is...silvergryphyn!

Congrats to all our winners, and now, the details:

If you have won, please contact me via my website contact form by 1PM PST on Wednesday, December 20th, to claim your prize. Please include your name, LJ handle, mailing address, and which prize you are claiming in the message, so that I will know it is you.

Only two to go!
Tags: giving stuff away, happy hogswatch
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