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When you break faith with me, you break my heart.

I am delighted to announce that Once Broken Faith debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List in position #15, which means we made the extended list and clung to the print edition with our fingernails. Which is, quite honestly, cool by me. (Yeah, I'd like to make the top ten, but I'll take what I can get.)

We're comfortably into act two at this point, and I was nervous about this book, as I am nervous about all of them: at this point, I'm knocking down things I spent ten books putting up, and that's a delicate, anxiety-raising process. But it's working, and I am so happy. Thank you all so much for being here, for trusting me, and for letting you show you how this story goes.

I know I've said this before, but: it has been an honor and a privilege to bring you all with me this far into October's world. I sincerely hope that you will stay with me for as long as it takes to see where the road leads us from here.

Thank you all, so very much.

I can't wait to see what happens next.
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