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The time of the Borderlands event is almost upon us!

Lo and behold, on September 10th, I will be returning to Borderlands Books for the Once Broken Faith release party! This will be a slightly stripped-down event, for the sake of logistics: the Traveling Circus will return in March. But as always, Borderlands means cupcakes during the break, and that's when you come in. Specifically...

If you are planning to attend the book event, have a dietary restriction (vegan, gluten-free, specific allergies), and would like to enjoy a cupcake, please let me know before Thursday, September 8th. Not all dietary restrictions can be accounted for (for example, if you're gluten-sensitive to parts-per-million, the cross-contamination risk is too high for me to tell you that the cupcakes are safe; there's wheat flour in the bakery), but I can at least try. Comment here to notify me of a dietary issue.

Because there is an increased charge for vegan, dairy-free, etc., I only order cupcakes to account for dietary restrictions I have been informed of. Please do not assume that because you came to the last event, and there were vegan cupcakes, that I will automatically have vegan cupcakes. You need to tell me before I place the order if it's going to happen. (In a related note, please do not request special cupcakes if you're not sure that you're going to be there. Again, there is an increased charge for "non standard" cupcakes, and while I want to accommodate everyone, I can only afford to take care of people who will actually be attending the event.)

See you very soon!
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