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In which a long silence is broken and a novelette is released.

I live! I write, I cry, I write again!

The move, its associated complications, and my own unavoidable commitments continue to conspire to keep me hopping, hence my current scarceness: I promise I'm not dead, and am still reasonably active on Twitter, even if I'm not managing to keep up with my blog. I'm really hoping that will change soon. I'm sliding toward normalcy one day at a time, I swear. Please let me swearing to something true.

Ahem. But! The disclaimer is not the reason I finally managed to break my silence. No, it's this: the first-ever Quentin-narrated story has been released today! "Full of Briars" is available now from an e-book retailer near you. (US-only at this time. I'm really sorry about that. I don't control the foreign rights, and unlike a story I've released myself, for free, this one I got paid for, and that means the publisher calls the shots.) I am super excited about it, both because a) this fills in a gap that's always bothered me, between Chimes at Midnight and The Winter Long, and b) this is the first time DAW has directly commissioned an e-original from me. IMAGINE HOW MUCH TOBY I COULD WRITE IF THIS IS SUCCESSFUL. The mind boggles, the fingers weep, and the heart rejoices.

A steal at only two dollars, please consider picking up "Full of Briars," if you haven't already, and find out what happened when we weren't looking.

This will serve as your discussion post: please be aware that there will almost certainly be spoilers in the comments.

Tags: discussion post, short fiction, toby daye
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