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It's time to go back to the Rising.

Have a look:

The cover for Feedback is now live.

This full-length Newsflesh-universe novel spans the same time period as Feed, following a group of reporters tasked with documenting the Democratic candidate for the presidency. Meet Aislinn "Ash" North, an Irwin Irish expatriate coming to the end of her green card marriage; Benjamin Ross, her Newsie husband, who has just buried his mother and is looking for something new to believe in; Audrey Liqiu Wen, a Fictional with a secret, and Ash's girlfriend; and Mat Newson, a makeup and car repair blogger under the Fictional umbrella. Meet the candidate.

Meet the dangers.

We already know how this ends. Sometimes the journey is what really matters.

I'm so excited!
Tags: feedback, mira grant, pandemic time, zombies
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