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Thank you, little darlin'. Thank you very much.

It's time for some free fiction, and for checking in on Verity and Dominic as they continue their trip from New York to Oregon, with plenty of stops along the way. They've managed to get out of Buckley Township, Michigan with no casualties, and that means they deserve a break, right? It's time for a vacation.

It's time to visit scenic Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now, most of the time, I sort of throw things out and let y'all do with them as you will, but in this specific case, I ask that you please catch up on any previous road trip stories you may have missed before reading onward in the timeline. Because this is a party you want your invitation to.

There's gonna be cake.

You can download the new story now from the InCryptid short fiction page. Please download and save to read locally, rather than trying to read on my poor server.

This also serves as your discussion post.
Tags: cheese and cake, giving stuff away, incryptid, short fiction
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