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Where's Seanan? The ConQuest edition!

I'm off to Kansas City, and ConQuest! A city I've never been to before, and a con I've never been to before! It's an adventure! (Note, before the comments can start: no, I am not going to WorldCon this year. I'm moving instead. All conventions I am attending are listed here, in the inchworm girl posts, and on the front page of my website. So this is your only Kansas City chance to see me.)

Wanna know where to catch me? Well...


The Making of a Great Hero/Heroine, 5:00pm. "Writers discuss what attributes successful heroes and heroines should and often have." This can't possibly end badly!

Opening Ceremonies, 7:00pm. Now, those of you who have seen me during one of these things, you know I have a good time. And since I'm sadly missing closing ceremonies due to the timing of my flight, you should try to make this.


Surviving the Apocalypse, 11:00am. "Listen to panelists come up with a plan for surviving an apocalypse be it zombie or other. You'll want to bring a notebook..." Note that I am much more likely to be the cause of the apocalypse.

How To Become A Published Author, 2:00pm. "Authors and editors discuss the road to success in publishing." Yup.

Autographing, 4:00pm. What it says on the tin!


The Worlds of Seanan McGuire, 10:00am. "Hugo-nominated editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt will discuss the works of Seanan McGuire with Seanan." They were smart and made sure this panel was being conducted by one of my editors, which means it's waaaaaaaay less likely that I set something on fire. Shucks.

I hope I get to see you there! I'll have ribbons!
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