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Oh, the things you can find!

I am cleaning, packing, and purging my house, and I am finding things! So many things. Today's finds:

1. I have found three copies of my second chapbook. These are hand-stitched books of poetry, and were originally limited to a run of one hundred. I have my file copy, so I don't need three extra. If you would like to purchase one, please email me through my website contact form and make what you consider to be a reasonable offer, given their rarity and the fact that after this, there aren't any more. Or, you know, offer to bake me a million cookies. I am can often be bribed with baked goods.

I won't decide instantly who gets them, so it's not "first come first served"; I'm about to head for a book event, and Kate doesn't always forward things to me in exactly the order in which they were received. Please be patient with me.

2. I have found two sealed envelopes, presumably from the most recent T-shirt run, both marked "return to sender." I have not opened them, so I don't know exactly what's inside. One of the people has already contacted me, so Sarah Hubbard, if you see this, I think I have something that belongs to you. Please email me through my website contact form to arrange for delivery.

Yay getting things out of my house!
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