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Sometimes the mice sing...bad songs.

It's time for some free fiction, and for checking in on Verity and Dominic as they continue their trip from New York to Oregon, with plenty of stops along the way. They've weathered their time at the Carmichael Hotel with no fatalities. So where to next?

Why, back to Buckley Township, Michigan.

No tour of the history of the American Price family would be complete without a stop in Buckley. That's where Enid and Alexander settled down; where Jonathan brought home the Fabulous Fran, Star of New Mexico; where Alice Healy met Thomas Price. That's where it began.

It isn't where it ended.

You can download the new story now from the InCryptid short fiction page. Please download and save to read locally, rather than trying to read on my poor server.

This also serves as your discussion post.
Tags: cheese and cake, giving stuff away, incryptid, short fiction
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