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What did I publish in 2015?

Welp. That was sure a year. And it sure is over. And I sure did come out with a lot of stuff. Here's what I published during 2015.


Pocket Apocalypse
A Red-Rose Chain


"Rolling in the Deep"
"Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus"


"The Way Home"
"Down, Deep Down, Below the Waves"

Short stories.

"No Sooner Met"
"Broken Paper Hearts"
"There is No Room For Sorrow in the Kingdom of the Cold"
"In Skeleton Leaves"
"The Happiest Place..."
"The Myth of Rain"
"The Star of New Mexico"
"The Moon Inside"
"Survival Horror"
"Reading Lists"
"Something Lost, Something Gained"
"Into the Green"
"Hello, Hello"
"Snake in the Glass"


"That Nitro-9 That You're Not Carrying: Violence and the Companion" in Companion Piece

I also edited Queers Destroy Science Fiction, which I am choosing to believe explains why my output was down from 2014 (well, that, and I was sort of scary depressed for most of the year, and when I'm depressed, I write less). And even with the decrease, that is...that's a lot when I put it all in one place like that. I'm going to back away slowly, and maybe go drink something fizzy and faintly alcoholic.

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