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Verity Price, not a subtle rabbit.

It's time for some free fiction, and for checking in on Verity and Dominic as they continue their trip from New York to Oregon, with plenty of stops along the way. They've weathered their meeting with Rose Marshall remarkably well. So where to next?

The Carmichael Hotel, of course.

"Snake in the Glass" takes us back to Chicago, where Dominic is going to continue meeting the family...whether he likes it or not. Let's just hope Verity can keep him from getting himself into too much trouble.

You can download the new story now from the InCryptid short fiction page. There is currently a problem with the cover graphic on the page: it is smaller than the others. I am aware, and am working to get it fixed, but didn't want to make you wait any longer over something so (relatively) trivial. (ETA: Fixed.)

Big thanks to Will, for emergency last-second eBook conversion, and to Tara, for getting me the replacement cover so quickly.

This also serves as your discussion post.
Tags: discussion post, incryptid, short fiction
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