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Sometimes a girl just wants to go dancing.

I love Kelley Armstrong. I mean, I've only met the actual human being Kelley Armstrong a few times, so I guess what I feel for the real person is strong affection tempered with professional respect, but her work? Her work, I love. So when I was offered the opportunity to co-write a story with her, I died a little bit. Of joy.

Announcing the Urban Allies anthology.

Kelley and I co-wrote a story called "Tailed," in which Verity Price meets Elena Michaels while both are investigating strange events in a New York forest. VERITY MEETS ELENA, Y'ALL. My protagonist and her protagonist kicking ass not...well, not together, exactly, but very close to one another. I'm so excited.

The story itself is non-canon, because reasons, but we had a great time writing it, and Sarah is there being snarky, and it's just amazing, all told. I am so pleased.

Tags: cheese and cake, good things, incryptid, short fiction
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