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A little holiday greeting.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through my room
Were bunny girls grumbling and portents of doom,
And fairy tale murders and things from the deep—
My friends hope my dreams will stay safely asleep—

And Tara is working on graphics so fine
To help and promote that new novel of mine
(The fifth in a series I love beyond Price;
Come watch as our Verity takes the stage twice).

I'm staying at home for a change and a shot
To catch up on sleep and do what's been forgot,
For changes are coming, and coming so fast,
And it's time that we leave this last year in the past.

Two thousand fifteen is a year nearly spent.
Oh, the things that we did, and the places we went!
With DAW and with Orbit, and now,
And I went to Disney World, taking my mom.

A whole week of Dayes can now sit on your shelves,
With wise-cracking Cait Sidhe and underslept elves,
Another adventure is coming this year,
Which ought to be good for your holiday cheer.

In March, there's InCryptid, and then in September,
An October girl who I hope you remember.
If you've missed my zombies, you'll be happy soon,
With stories so new in November and June.

With Dodger and Velveteen, Babylon Archer,
And so many more all prepared for departure
At seanan_mcguire the updates are steady—
I'm keeping you posted. You'd better get ready.

The year yet to come will bring wonders galore,
And I can't start to guess at the great things in store,
So whatever you celebrate when the world's cold,
Be it secular, modern, or something quite old,

I hope that you're happy, I hope that you're warm,
I hope that you're ready to weather the storm,
And I wish you the joys that a winter provides,
All you Kings of the Summer and sweet Snow Queen brides,

And I can't wait to see what the next year will bring,
The stories we'll tell, and the songs that we'll sing.
The dead and the living will stand and rejoice!
(I beg you to rise while you still have a choice.)

The journey's been fun, and there's much more to see,
So grab your machete and come now with me,
And they'll hear us exclaim as we dash out of sight,
"Scary Christmas to all, and to all a good fright!"
Tags: be excellent to one another, party games, poetry
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