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Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...teddy bear?!

It is with absolute joy and no small amount of confusion that I make the following announcement:

Velveteen vs. The Seasons is under discussion to be released this coming Memorial Day weekend at Marcon in Columbus, Ohio. Like the first two volumes, it will be a hardcover from ISFiC Press. It will include all the stories released after the end of volume two (and possibly a few that I haven't had the chance to post yet, depending on how my schedule shakes out).

Action! Adventure! Punching things! Vel having a really, really lousy time! Honestly, I can't wait.

This does, however, bring us to a point of administrative order: my contract terms with ISFiC are for two year periods. This means that at the end of this month, the first two Velveteen volumes will no longer be available for purchase in eBook form. The physical books will remain available until they sell out, and the stories will remain available for free on this blog, but the collected eBooks? Gone. So get 'em now or get 'em never.

I am so thrilled to know that Vel's next big adventure is going to be a book, and I think you're really going to like where things go. My bunny-girl sure did make it a lot farther than I ever thought she would.

For justice!

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