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INDEXING: REFLECTIONS episode #8: "Holly Tree."

The eighth episode of Indexing: Reflections is available today! This is your talkpost and discussion zone. There will be spoilers in the comments here. As always on talkposts, I have partial comment amnesty, and will not be responding to everything.

"Holly Tree" is important. I've been keeping mum about a lot of things while I waited for us to get here. Oh, Amity...

One of the big things I've had to keep my mouth shut on is Sloane's tale type. Several people have noticed that she's categorized wrong; "The Cruel Sister" has nothing to do with Cinderella, or with the specific trappings of Sloane's tale. Sloane's actual tale type is unknown, because sometimes, trying to force things into a structure is a good way to wind up getting them incorrect; the ATI MB thinks they know what they have, because someone chose a label, and someone else put that label on a file.

They have no idea.

Once upon a time...
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