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INDEXING: REFLECTIONS episode #7, "False Love's Kiss."

The seventh episode of Indexing: Reflections is available today*! This is your talkpost and discussion zone. There will be spoilers in the comments here. As always on talkposts, I have partial comment amnesty, and will not be responding to everything.

(*I usually wait until the episode has actually posted before opening the talkpost, but today is "Seanan goes to the salon for a full highlight and color retouch preparatory to heading for New York" day, and that means four hours away from my computer. Sometimes being a girl is both awful and expensive.)

"False Love's Kiss" is one of those episodes that was a delight to write from beginning to end. I got to play with a few stories that don't come to the party all that often, and since we're in the second half of the serial now, shit's starting to accelerate and darken. All in all, it was a good time for me. I hope it'll be one for you as well.

Once upon a time...
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