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Come for the tacos, stay for the creepy dolls staring into your soul!

Who likes to party?

Tomorrow I will be at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, California, appearing as part of the Tacos and Tecate Tor event alongside Greg van Eekout and Fran Wilde! Both cool people with cool books!

Since my book, Every Heart a Doorway, will not be available until April of next year, I will be representing the fabulous The Doll Collection. To properly honor this, I'm bringing a bunch of my creepy dolls for people to admire. The fun starts at 6pm, so bring yourself, your book budget, and your willingness to get into a staring contest with a bunch of scary resin and vinyl people.

It's a party!
Tags: dino dance party, in the wild, support local bookstores, where's seanan
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