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Tomorrow! Tomorrow! New Toby tomorrow!

So tomorrow is my happy bookday, as A Red-Rose Chain drops and everything is awesome. I'll open a talkpost for y'all as early as I can, but I have a morning dentist appointment, so it may not be as early as I'd like. Please do not leave spoilers on other threads; wait for the talkpost to open, for the sake of people who may not be able to read right away, okay? Thank you so much.

I am super nervous. Pocket Apocalypse didn't make the NYT list, and I really, really hope A Red-Rose Chain does. So please forgive a little twitchiness as we go into the final countdown.

You're all amazing. Thank you for being here, and letting me tell you stories.

It means the world to me.
Tags: a red-rose chain, busy busy busy, gratitude, release dates, toby daye
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