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The time of the Traveling Circus is almost upon us!

Lo and behold, on September 1st, we will be returning to Borderlands Books to get our Traveling Circus and Snake-Handling Show on! As always, this means cupcakes during the break, and that's when you come in. Specifically...

If you are planning to attend the book event, and have a dietary restriction (vegan, gluten-free, specific allergies), please let me know before Monday, August 31st. Not all dietary restrictions can be accounted for (for example, if you're gluten-sensitive to parts-per-million, the cross-contamination risk is too high for me to tell you that the cupcakes are safe; there's wheat flour in the bakery), but I can at least try. Comment here to notify me of a dietary issue.

Because there is an increased charge for vegan, dairy-free, etc., I only order cupcakes to account for dietary restrictions I have been informed of. Please do not assume that because you came to the last event, and there were vegan cupcakes, that I will automatically have vegan cupcakes. You need to tell me if it's to happen.

See you in September!
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