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Nobody knows how the story will bend: even a princess can meet a bad end.


Indexing was almost a whim. 47 North, Amazon's publishing arm, contacted me and asked if I had anything that I felt would work well as part of the new Amazon Serials Program. I had a short story called "Indexing," set in a world I very much wanted to explore further. I sent them that, along with a pitch for a full season. They took it, and for twelve episodes--six glorious months--I lived in a vision of twisted fairy tales and dangerous ever afters. We met Henry, and Sloane, and Jeff, and Andy. We faced down a power-hungry Mother Goose, and more princesses than you can shake a stick at. And when it was done, it was done, and I walked away content.

Until people said they wanted to know more. Until 47 North said they wanted to know more. (I write plenty for free, but the Velveteen and InCryptid short fiction universes pretty much fill the "unpaid work" slot, so I did need a publisher to show interest.)

Until I started really thinking about the princesses.

Indexing: Reflections begins tomorrow. Like the original Indexing, it is twelve episodes long, releasing every other week until it is complete. Because Amazon serials are available only in the US, Indexing: Reflections is only available in the US until it is complete; the finished ebook and collected print edition will both be available globally.

If you enjoyed the first volume, I think this one is going to make you really happy. Pre-order now to get episode one at midnight, and join the party already in process. (If you haven't read Indexing yet, I strongly recommend it.)

Tags: fairy tale remix, indexing
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