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Quick, nonjudgmental question.

I'm putting together my giveaway schedule for August, and I have a lot of copies of The Winter Long. I also know that most of y'all have either a) bought that book, or b) not started the series. So here is my question:

Do we have enough people here who are caught up otherwise who still need a copy of The Winter Long? I don't want to send book eight to folks who've only read books one and two; that's counter-productive and really spoiler-y. At the same time, I want to make sure people with limited book budgets can still read A Red-Rose Chain when it comes out. Thus checking to see whether this would be a valid giveaway plan.

Caveat: I am still not up for international mailing. So this is really a question for my US readers.

Comment amnesty is on for this post. I just need data.
Tags: common questions, the winter long, toby daye
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