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Winners of A RED-ROSE CHAIN!

The votes (well, the random numbers) are in! Today's three winners are...


If you have won, please follow these steps:

a) Comment here, so I know you're claiming your prize.
b) Email me via my website contact form (

Both these things need to happen within the next twenty-four hours for you to win. If I see a comment but receive no email, I will reply and we'll figure out another way for you to get me your address. This is a work-around for my current contact form issues. Hopefully the commenting step will be temporary.

It should be noted that the first comment selected by the RNG was ineligible to win, because it was someone commenting about the post itself, and not entering. Please do not comment on giveaway posts for any reason other than entering the giveaway. Had this comment not been left, and the exact same number come up, we would have had an actual winner. Our second winner won because of a discussion on one of the entries. Please, please, don't do this. It's not fair to the people who don't win to screw up the results by leaving unrelated comments on these posts.

Congratulations to today's winners!
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