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A RED-ROSE CHAIN giveaway. Please read carefully.

It's time to give away a few more ARCs of A Red-Rose Chain. Because we're experiencing issues with the contact form right now, there are a few more steps involved in claiming a prize. Please read carefully.

Because I am broke from all that T-shirt mailing right now, and tired of spending over an hour on every visit to the post office—so both financial and mental health reasons—this giveaway is US only. I am sorry about that, and will try to have an international giveaway sooner than later. To enter...

1. Comment on this entry. Top-level comments only; replies to existing comments cannot win.
2. Indicate that you have a US mailing address.
3. Name your favorite Toby character.

...and that's all. Three winners will be chosen by our old friend, the random-number generator, on Tuesday, July 29th. Winners will then have twenty-four hours to get me their contact info, via my website contact form, and leave a comment on the results post, before their prize is forfeit. If I have received the comment but not the email within the twenty-four hour window, we'll assume a contact form glitch, and find another way to get me the necessary info.

Game on!
Tags: a red-rose chain, giving stuff away, toby daye
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