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It's time for SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON!

Having survived 2014, which was supposed to be the Rising (curse you, zombie apocalypse, for not happening on schedule), it's time to return to San Diego, California for the annual San Diego Comic-Con, a pop culture gathering of ridiculous and sometimes painful proportions. Running into someone you're looking for by chance is hard, so here's where to find me!


I'm Sleeping With the Lights On: Horror and Thriller Authors Discussion. 4:00pm, Room 25ABC.

Horror and thriller novels have an amazing way of keeping readers up at night. Whether it is demons and zombies, from the historical settings to the seemingly mundane, authors find bone-chilling ways to make sure the reader keeps turning the pages. Join Del Howison, owner of Dark Delicacy Bookstore, as he chats with distinguished horror and thriller writers J.T. Ellison, Kevin P. Keating, Matthew Reilly, Mira Grant (that's me!), Diana Rowland, and Robert Brockway about what motivates them to scare you.

Signing. 5:30pm, Autographing Area AA09.


Signing. 3:00pm, Hachette Book Group Booth 1116.


Monster High. 11:30am, Room 5AB.

I am not on this panel, but I am attending it, and woe betide any who trouble me while I am in my happy toy place.

Signing. 2:00pm, Penguin Book Group Booth 1520.

This is a signing to promote the upcoming anthology Press Start to Play. Several authors will be appearing, including Hugh Howey, as will the editor. We may have early copies of the book; I don't know. (My contribution is an InCryptid story, if that sweetens the pot.)

Choosing The Best Publishing Path for Your Manuscript: Traditional, Small Press, or Self-Publishing. 7:00pm, Room 25ABC.

Authors Sarah J. Maas, Seanan McGuire, Cora Carmack, and Elizabeth Briggs, along with editor Adam Wilson (Simon & Schuster) and literary agent Holly Root (Waxman Leavell Literary Agency), discuss the various options for publishing fiction and how to determine what works for different genres. Moderated by author, former literary agent, and all-around publishing guru Nathan Bransford.


Signing. 12:00pm, Mysterious Galaxy Books Booth 1119.

As always, I am susceptible to bribery: I'm looking for this year's Monster High and Ever After High con exclusives, and while I only need one of each, I would really like to get two MH and three EAH, for the sake of people who have asked me to get them dolls. So please feel free to show up with toys, for which I will gladly give you both money and praise, and maybe other goodies, depending on when you catch me.

San Diego!
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