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A RED-ROSE CHAIN giveaway! Because summer is shorter than you think.

I have the ARCs of A Red-Rose Chain, and holy cats, this book is gorgeous. Like, so pretty. Of course, because I'm me, the distance between "look what I have look at the precious let me pet you, the precious" and "oh sweet Great Pumpkin get it out of my house" is about fifteen minutes and time to realize what I've just done to my storage space. So! Giveaway time!

Because I am broke from all that T-shirt mailing right now, and tired of spending over an hour on every visit to the post office—so both financial and mental health reasons—this first giveaway will be US only. I am sorry about that, and will try to have an international giveaway sooner than later. To enter...

1. Comment on this entry. Top-level comments only; replies to existing comments cannot win.
2. Indicate that you have a US mailing address.
3. Name your favorite Toby book.

...and that's all. Three winners will be chosen by our old friend, the random-number generator, on Tuesday, June 23rd. Winners will then have twenty-four hours to get me their contact info, via my website contact form, before their prize is forfeit.

Game on!

ETA: And we are closed.
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