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But my mama's gone, like the prarie dawn, and the Lord of the Buffalo.

It's time for some free fiction, and for the last story of the Johnny and Fran era. The year is 1945. Frances Healy, born Frances Brown, is gone, and the time has come, however little we might want it, to say goodbye to a friend.

With "Star of New Mexico," we close the book on Johnny and Fran, and look to the future. It's the end of an era. It's the beginning of something new.

You can download the new story now from the InCryptid short fiction page.

This also serves as your discussion post.

As an author's note, if you want the perfect song to accompany this story, download "Chasing Twisters" (the song, not the EP) by Delta Rae. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Goodbye, Fran. I'll miss you.
Tags: giving stuff away, incryptid, short fiction
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