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Fun with old ARCs.

I am cleaning my living room, and I found more old ARCs! These are books that have already been released (mostly Pocket Apocalypse, since I was in the UK during the last few weeks before release, and that's when I usually really ramp up the giveaways), but are still good for craft purposes. So:

If you are a crafter or someone who enjoys making things out of paper, and would like to claim an ARC, please drop me a line through my website contact form. The ARCs themselves are free, but postage is $6 to US addresses (I will not ship a "chop this up" ARC outside the US unless you have a project special enough to justify the greatly increased postage costs; I've had people make paper roses for wedding bouquets, for example, which counts). Don't send money until we've corresponded, since I want to make sure I don't promise more ARCs than I actually have.

Any ARCs that are still unclaimed as of June 5th will be recycled, for the sake of my shelves.
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