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BayCon! The con of bays! Come see Seanan do...stuff.

BayCon is here! I am now officially the only person to have been BayCon Guest of Honor, Toastmistress, and Con Chair! It's a useless accomplishment!

So where can you see me?


Opening Ceremonies, 10am. Come see us open the con!

Fan Guest of Honor interview, 10:30am. Thrill as I interview Caradwen Braskat-Arellanes. Because I can.

Breadth of Filk, 1:30pm. Quote, "Just as fanzines has escaped from its fannish roots, filk songs can now cover topics outside of science fiction and fantasy, such as cats, popular culture, and politics. The panelists discuss where you can find filk outside of cons." So, uh...filk!

Meet the Guests, 7pm. We exist!


Writer GoH Interview, 10am. Amber is going to interview me. This should be fascinating.

Researching your Biotech Thriller, 1pm. Quote: "A popular sub-genre that often gets published as mainstream fiction but ought to be viewed as science fiction is the biotechnology thriller, exemplified by Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. The panelists talk about the behind-the-scenes research that goes into making fictional biotech believable." SCIENCE!

Biology of Mythical Creatures, 2:30pm. Quote: "The storytellers who originally invented the mythical creatures of legend didn't have an understanding of biology, genetics, or evolution. When writing a mythical creature into a new story for a modern audience, how far does a writer have to go in re-imagining the creature's biological backstory? Does providing biological details add to the story, or does it throw off readers because those details clash with their expectations? What are some successful examples of mixing realistic biology with mythic animals?"

Variety Show, 7pm. There will be a variety! It will show!


Toastmistress Interview, 11:30am. Now I get to interview Amber! Mwahaha!

Short Stories, 2pm. It'll be short!

Constructing Urban Fantasy, 4pm. I'll build some stuff.

Concert, 8:15pm. I will be taking the stage with Paul Kwinn. Come hear us sing some stuff.
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