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A question for the floor.


Shortly before I left for New York (beginning of February, for those keeping track) and began the wonderful whirlwind that has been my spring convention season, I opened a hardship giveaway. Because of the timing of the trip, winners were not selected before I left, and have, in fact, not been selected yet. Since then, two more books have become eligible for hardship inclusion (Pocket Apocalypse and Rolling in the Deep). Also, due to apparent unclarity on my part, several people asked for books which I do not have in my possession. My question is this:

Should I do a drawing from that original giveaway post, or should I make apologies and open a replacement giveaway, with the updated book information?

If you're not sure what a hardship giveaway is, please check the "giving stuff away" tag for a better explanation than I am currently capable of.

Let me know what you think.
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