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Final tip jar reminder!

The tip jar closes tomorrow! This is your twenty-four hour "time to get out of the pool" reminder! For those who missed the initial post, basically, this is where I take "tip jar" donations to fund the next InCryptid story or stories. To tip, please PayPal to...

Please choose "friends and family," not "goods and services," as I have no physical goods to send, and PayPal gets weird (and takes fees) when there are physical goods to send. The tip jar will close tomorrow, and I will post a total.

If I get $200, I will prioritize finishing and posting "The Way Home," aka, "the next generation begins."
If I get $300 or more, I will prioritize finishing and posting "Lay of the Land," aka "Thomas and Alice are awkward cookies."

"Star of New Mexico" will be posted this year even if no one tips me a penny; I'm not holding anything finished hostage, just trying to justify my perpetually shuffling things around. Thanks so much to everyone who's ever donated in the past; you've done a lot to make my current situation possible.

Thank you!
Tags: shameless plea, tip jar
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