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In which Seanan is booking 2017.

Well, there we go: the first unmovable object has been dropped into my 2017 calendar, and all else will now need to work around it.

2017. Wow.

I do a lot of conventions. I have a lot of book release parties. I try to get to Disneyland as often as I can (mostly for the sake of my sanity, following the first two items on this list). This means that I am scheduled very, very far in advance, and have to keep careful notes about where I am when, to avoid situations like, oh, Seattle one weekend and London the next. To give a non-specific example that didn't cause me to spend three days awake due to jet lag, honest.

No. Not honest. Lying. I did not avoid that situation, and it's dreadful.

What makes it tricky is that frequently, I can't say "I am booked for Memorial Day weekend in timezone X," because the convention I'm going to be guesting at hasn't made their announcement yet. As someone who used to organize conventions, being able to control that announcement is very, very important, which is why I never say anything without permission. But it means that my schedule may look completely clear, when really, there's a cascade of conventions that's about to be revealed, ha ha, fooled you. (Everything goes on my schedule as it gets revealed, and can be found on the front page of my website.) This is why I sometimes have to decline invitations with a "please consider me for next year." I really do mean it.

I love conventions. I love travel. I love meeting people and doing things.

But oh, sometimes, I want a nap.
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