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We were the best thing. Do you hear me? THE BEST THING.

I am overjoyed and overwhelmed to finally—after a year of work and email exchanges and hoping and working some more—be able to say this to you all:

The Best Thing is now live at

The Best Thing is a story about magical girls, and what suddenly discovering that you're a chosen warrior does to you. It's about powers with no instruction manual, lives that don't come with helpful animal sidekicks or prophetic dreams. It's about Ashley, and Takala, and Nikki, and Dani, and Crystal. Five girls who find out they're so much more, and proceed to burn the world.

Drawn by Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) and written by me (lots of stuff, if you're here, you know the drill), The Best Thing will be updating every Monday over at Thrillbent. Please consider subscribing and supporting my burgeoning comics career, so that they give me the X-Men and I can spend all my money buying original art.

Tags: erica, good things, the best thing, thrillbent
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