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Come to Borderlands, which isn't closing, to celebrate POCKET APOCALYPSE!

I am going to start this reminder by being honest:

When I was in the planning phase for this event, I thought it was the last one we would ever have at Borderlands Books. Which made me sad. So sad, in fact, that my response to the timing difficulties (IE, right after a big trip, right after a con that would exhaust most of the members of the Traveling Circus) was to say "let's have a quiet night and say goodbye," rather than "LET'S BLOW THE FUCKING ROOF OFF SINCE THEY DON'T NEED IT ANYMORE." So. The Traveling Circus and Snake-Handling Show will not be appearing this time. It's going to be quiet. It's just going to be quiet joy, instead of quiet sorrow.


I would still love it very, very much if you could come to Borderlands Books, in San Francisco, California this Friday at 6:00PM. There will be cupcakes, and Q&A, and a raffle. There will be reading and signing and talking and so much joy, because we get to keep it. We get to keep our store, and celebrate my new book, and eat sugar, all at the same time. And life is good.

Life is so good.

I hope to see you there.

(If you can't make it, remember that you can contact the store to order signed, personalized books. For great justice!)
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