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Since people have apparently been asking...


I got a ping from Deborah (who monitors the merch account) yesterday, saying that people have been emailing her to go "WHERE SHIRTS?" First, thank you for using the merch account rather than commenting here. I've asked people to do that, and people are doing it, and that's awesome.

Second, shirts are still being mailed. Only not right this second, because right this second, I am in New York, and my mother, who is home with the shirts, doesn't have access to my bank account to pay for the postage. I've indicated several times that shirts are still being mailed, both directly, and by saying things like "I am still mailing T-shirts" in other posts (usually giveaways). As soon as I get home, I will go to the post office again.

The post office, as it turns out, does not look favorably on my bringing more than twenty packages at a time. Ten if they're international.

So please, don't email until I have made a post saying "all the shirts have been mailed, yes, all of them." Until that point, the answer to "WHERE SHIRTS?" is "in my spare room, waiting to go for a ride in the car."
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