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The winners have been chosen.

Our hardship giveaway winners:

artofcheatery has won a copy of Parasite.
phoenix_singing has won a copy of The Winter Long.
jjmcgaffey has won a copy of Sparrow Hill Road.
starlingthefool has won a copy of Symbiont.
Tripp Potterfield has won a copy of Chimes at Midnight.

Please email me within the next twenty-four hours, using my website contact form, to claim your prizes.

But wait, there's more!

A few people asked me whether there was anything they could do to help with giveaways of this kind, because people are awesome. So. Here is my PayPal: If anyone wants to send me postage costs—roughly USD $5 per book, averaged out to include cost of envelopes and such (it's a little high for a paperback, a little low for a hardcover, so it all comes out in the wash), I will do another hardship giveaway as soon as I have $25 for postage.

ETA: Wow, no more postage costs needed! Opening the new giveaway now.
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