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Clarification on giveaways.

Since there's always confusion, I wanted to clarify a few things.

Entering contests.

I do not require you to have an LJ account; if you have a Facebook or other ID that lets you comment here, that's fine. LJ may initially mark your comment as "spam." I manually un-spam all valid entries before I do the final drawing. The Random Number Generator I use is located at, and is as close to truly random as I can get. I manually count after getting the number of the winner. Secondary comments (IE, when someone responds to a contest entry) cannot win. If the number I draw comes up as a secondary comment, I either draw again, or I go to the next valid entry. This means that if I draw 25, and it's a secondary comment on 24, the winner is 26. So it's really, really best not to reply to other people's contest entries.

I make a post identifying the winners of any given drawing, and that's where my responsibility for outreach ends. You'll generally have twenty-four hours to contact me before you lose your prize. Please remember to check this journal on drawing days.

Following rules.

No part of any contest's rules is negotiable. If I say "tell me whether you're US or international and name your favorite fruit," any comment that doesn't contain all those aspects will be ineligible to win. I will draw another number, in that case.

Contacting me.

If you are contacting me to collect a prize, you must use my website contact form. It is located on my website, not on LJ. Contacting me via any other channel (LJ messenger, Facebook, emailing an old address that you think still works, asking my PA over IM), you will not receive your prize. You must email me.

I hope this clears a few things up, and I'm really excited to keep giving y'all fun stuff to have and enjoy.
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