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Who wants some awesome music?

As I get ready to return to the studio and get back to work on Saint of Thorns (probably coming out some time in 2016; the album for 2015 is Creature Feature, and we're laying out the liner notes now), it occurs to me that some of you may not know how awesome and incredible my recording engineer, Kristoph Klover, actually is.

Let's fix that.

I have one copy of Elbows and Antlers, the latest CD by the band Avalon Rising, of which Kristoph is a founding member. Celtic funk, folk rock, call it what you will, it's amazing. And I am giving this disk away to one lucky winner.

To enter...

1. Comment here.
2. If outside the US, indicate that you will pay postage.
3. That's all.

I will choose a winner via RNG on Monday, January 26th. If you're interested in checking out Avalon Rising before then, here's their website:

I highly, highly recommend all three available Avalon Rising albums, especially if you like my stuff, Vixy and Tony's stuff, or Talis's stuff.
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