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The final Hogswatch winners are chosen!

The random number generator has spoken for the last time this year, and the winners are...

serverwench wins a copy of Midnight Blue-Light Special
kymellin wins a paperback of Parasite
runiechica wins a MYSTERY PRIZE!!!

Please contact me via my website contact form within the next twenty-four hours to provide your mailing information. All information must be received via my website to be considered valid. If I do not hear from you within twenty-four hours, you will no longer be eligible to receive your prize. I plan to start mailing tomorrow, so this is especially important right now.

Please be sure to include something to indicate who you are/what you've won, as I've received a few "hooray, I won!" emails that didn't include any identifying marks.

Tags: giving stuff away, happy hogswatch, midnight bluelight special, parasite
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