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On the eleventh day of Hogswatch, your Seanan gave away...

...a copy of Midnight Blue-Light Special!

Welcome to the eleventh of the Twelve Days of Hogswatch. I will be starting a new giveaway every day between now and December 25th (some other winter holiday). Each giveaway will have different rules, and a different deadline, although all prizes will be mailed on December 29th, because I am bad at going to the post office (and also, still mailing shirts).

The eleventh giveaway is for a copy of Midnight Blue-Light Special. This is going to be a random number drawing, because that's working well so far.

1. To enter, comment on this post.
2. If you are international, indicate that you are willing/able to pay postage.
3. That's it.

I will choose the winner at 1PM PST on Saturday, December 27th.

Game on!
Tags: giving stuff away, happy hogswatch, midnight bluelight special
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