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Notes on tank tops and T-shirts.

Hello, happy people!

As you may remember, I have been selling leftover Slasher Chicks tank tops. Some people have requested shirts, which have then been pulled from the general stock, and have not used my website contact form (located here: to send me their mailing addresses.

Y'all, I'm not kidding when I say I need you to submit your address through that form. Yes, even if you gave your address to PayPal. I am not a store. I am one person using a non-graphic interface to package things, and I cannot easily access your mailing information if you don't send it to me via my website. The longer you leave your shirts in the "going away" pile, the more chance there is that they get misplaced and I have to give you a refund. Which, if you chose "paying for goods and services," means it costs me two dollars (roughly), and you don't get your stuff. Please. Pretty please with a cherry on top. If you're waiting for a tank top from me, and you have not already sent your contact info via the website, please send it.

(If you have already sent your info, you're golden. I'm just mailing a ton of stuff right now. The contact form has never been found to lose mail.)

Now, if you're waiting for a T-shirt, that's a different ball of wax. That was a group effort, with Kate and Deborah doing a lot of heavy lifting, and everything has a mailing address. It's just that "everything" was over two hundred packages (well over), and it's the week before Christmas. My post office has asked me, politely, not to come back with anything that's not incredibly urgent until after the holiday, because their lines are wrapping around the building, and I am a roadblock. All shirts are packed, are addressed, and are going out.

If your shirt was missing when we packed (a very small number), you have already received an email from me. All people with missing shirts have acknowledged that email, so you didn't miss it. Your shirt is coming, it just needs time to travel through a physical universe that is having major storms and major holidays at the same time.

In summation: if you requested a tank top, please, please help me empty out the box of shirts I pulled to meet requests (you can still pay if you haven't already; check the LJ post for instructions, and remember to choose "money to friends"); if you requested a T-shirt, please, please be patient. They're coming.
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