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Have we got a deal for you! LOCUS MAGAZINE holiday promotion.

Every field has its trade magazines, from Cat Fancy to Fashion Dolls Quarterly. They're an important, unbiased way of sharing developments and keeping people abreast of the news. Also, unlike a website, they can go in the bathtub with you, which is way important. The trade magazine for the science fiction and fantasy world is Locus, which holds the rare distinction of being the only trade mag to ever have me as a cover girl. (Sadly before I started dying my hair in mantis shrimp colors, so clearly I need to convince them to do a "Mira Grant" spotlight sometime, just so people can see my awesomely updated tresses.)

Locus is an awesome resources and a fun read, and I am a big fan, which is why, when they asked me if I'd be willing to tell people about their holiday special, I was totally happy to say "sure." Locus is small, privately owned, and has a dedicated staff working hard to put it out on a monthly basis. As such, they don't do many promotions—this is a great opportunity, and a better deal. To whit:


Locus Holiday Special—New Subscriptions Only!

Digital Deal: January-June 2015 Digital Subscription for $15.00 (normally $27.00)

Print Special: Give a 12 or 24 issue Print Subscription, and get a Free Issue! (Get one free issue added to a gift subscription, OR to your own!)

Upon purchase you will receive a PDF holiday gift card suitable for printing or sharing (with art by Francesca Myman). Get more information and make your purchase here:

The perfect stocking stuffer for the science fiction fan or new author on your list! Offer expires December 31, 2014.


Check out their website and see if this is maybe something you can get behind. They're a great bunch of people doing good work, and this is an amazing value for an equally amazing magazine.
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