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Spring is a lie we tell the young to give them hope before they are devoured.

In December of 2013, we followed Istas and Ryan through "Red as Snow," which appeared in the December issue of Fiction River, subtitled Hex in the City. (Need more details on Fiction River? Look no further than this link.)

In January of 2014, we followed them through "Black as Blood," and met Ryan's family.

It's time to finish things.

Ryan and Istas have been together for a while now, and while he's ready to take the next step in their relationship, she still has a few loose ends to be tied off. Like her father, who became her husband when her mother died, and is still waiting for her at the top of the world.

You can download "White as a Raven's Wing" now from the InCryptid short fiction page. While this story is best read after "Red as Snow" and "Black as Blood," it should stand reasonably well on its own, providing you have any familiarity with the InCryptid setting. (If you don't, there's a lot of short fiction set earlier in the world continuity also posted on that page. Enjoy!)

Please download and read locally, rather than reading on my server.

This also serves as your discussion post.
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