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Shirts are here! What happens next.

Shirts are here! So many shirts. A terrifying number of shirts.

What happens next.

1. We keep the boxes closed. Seriously, they are sealed. Because I have cats, and they are long-haired cats, and we need to keep the shirts allergen-free as long as possible.

2. On December 7th, which is a Sunday, we unseal the boxes and spend many, many hours stuffing shirts into envelopes.

3. Because December 7th is a Sunday, we begin mailing on Monday, December 8th. Yes, during the holiday shipping season. Yes, I am unhappy about this. No, there is not another way without keeping all these shirts in my house until January, which isn't fair to any of the people involved.

Shirts will be mailed in batches of twenty (packages, not necessarily individual shirts), with no more than five international shirts per batch. This is out of mercy to my post office. There are 402 shirts total. Assuming an average of two shirts per package, this gives us 201 packages, or roughly ten days'-worth of trips to the post office. I'm hoping to be done with mailing by December 19th. This should get them to most US addresses by Christmas.

As noted before, shirts will not be mailed with tracking numbers, and I will not be able to tell you which batch your shirt is in.

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