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Let's make some room for the impending AVALANCHE OF BOXES!


I'm home from my last convention of 2014, and am selling some more Slasher Chicks tank tops to make room in my staging area. Be a roller derby hipster in a shirt for a team that doesn't exist! With art by the fabulous Sfe Monster, this was our first experiment with printing on bright colors for fun times. All tanks are fitted (no straight cuts this time, I'm afraid).

I am still not 100% sure what I have, and will be posting shirts here as I locate them, so watch here for updates. Currently, we have:

Dark gray, out of stock.

Heather gray, S x2
Heather gray, M x4
Heather gray, L x4
Heather gray, XL x3

(NOTE: This is ALL the remaining shirt stock in heather gray. No further sizes available.)

Orange, S x3
Orange, M x5
Orange, L x4
Orange, XL x3
Orange, 2XL x6

(NOTE: This is ALL the remaining shirt stock in orange. No further sizes available.)

Pink, S x2
Pink, M x4
Pink, L x1
Pink, XL x2

(NOTE: This is ALL the remaining shirt stock in pink. No further sizes available.)

Purple, out of stock.

Red, M x3
Red, L x6
Red, XL x9
Red, 2XL x1

(NOTE: This is ALL the remaining shirt stock in red. No further sizes available.)

Yellow, L x4
Yellow, XL x5
Yellow, 2XL x3

(NOTE: This is ALL the remaining shirt stock in yellow. No further sizes available.)

All shirts are $20 + $5 shipping US/$12 shipping International. If you want a shirt, comment here, and I'll provide payment info and all that fun stuff. You must comment here to request a shirt. Do not use LJ messenger or send me email, or anything else. Just comment here. I will be making a mail run next week, so shirts ordered now should reach their recipients before the holidays.

ETA: Folks, the instructions given when you place a request (IE, PayPal to one place and send your mailing address to another) are not optional. I cannot easily extract your mailing info from the PayPal alert. I need you to send it through my contact form. Until you do, even paid-for shirts will not be mailed.
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